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Harley davidson 338R spotted

Last year all heard that Harley Davidson was going to come with a small capacity bike. Then news about the new QianJiang Q350 and Benelli 350 bikes has become very popular. At the same time, in the photo of the QianJiang Q350 bike, Harley Davidson brand name was labeled on its engine cover. Therefore, it was cleared that QianJiang, the Chinese motorbike manufacturer would share the engine of the Q350 with upcoming small capacity bike of Harley-Davidson.

Completely production-ready picture of upcoming most affordable motorbike from the Harley Davidson has been leaked. The picture shows that its frame, suspension, wheels, and brakes are all straight from the Benelli 302S.

The engine is also from the Benelli 302s, but it gets a bigger bore and stroke. This Harley bike can be expected to deliver 43 BHP of power. That is 5 BHP of power more than 302S. And there will be a chance that the weight will be around the same as the Benelli, which comes in at 185 kg.

Harley davidson 338R spied
Original design released by Harley Davidson in 2019

Named the 338R as seen in the photo, this bike bears a striking resemblance to the original design released by Harley Davidson in 2019. However, in the leaked photo the bike shows the ‘Harley Davidson’ badge on the fuel tank and the name, ‘338R’ on the rear section.

The question is whether this bike will be launched in India or not. Harley Davidson had planned to launch this bike globally sometime this year. But, there are rumors that Harley Davidson is going to cutting down its business in India.

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